Adventures In Cravate Noire.

I distinctly remember proclaiming with unashamed envy – as my husband bought a new suit for the occasion – that I wanted to be invited to a black-tie dinner. I’d never been to one.

I knew the sort of thing I’d wear. A dress, of course, full-length perhaps – or backless. I’d wear the highest-of-heels and big big earrings.

The new suit buying was a couple of years ago now, and so the recent invitation came with less than perfect timing – between chemo cycles, on a date when several layers of concealer will most certainly be required.

But, I'm invited! And whilst initially disappointed about being unable to ‘do’ the event as I had previously imagined black-tie to be. I realised it was, in fact, a challenge!

A chance to wear something completely different, and so the quest for The Outfit has very much begun. For glam flats, I can walk in. Sleek lines – tailoring, and more sequins than Saturday-night Strictly.

I’m feeling ready to pop my black-tie cherry. Whether I’ll make it past 10.30 p.m., is, unfortunately, a less certain matter. 

Sar x

 Shiny, merry and bright

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