Me and January have history. It has a habit of being a big month for me marked by change.

I welcomed 2016 watching fireworks in Kuala Lumpur having spent Christmas 2015 travelling across Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore. This was followed by the excitement of my long term partner and I getting engaged and beginning to plan our wedding.

January 2015 marked the start of a new job as the Administration Manager for NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester, and January 2014 was busy starting a new role with The University of Manchester, renovating properties, moving,  and becoming a landlord.

January 2017 is different. There are no new jobs, house moves or big goals but that's OK. This year I have a new perspective on life which I am thankful for. I am currently an 'in-patient' on weekend leave from a Neuro/Trauma Rehabilitation Ward having had brain surgery on 16th December. My current priorities are regaining sensation in my left leg and foot and learning to walk again unaided.  I'm in awe of my pre brain surgery body. I could run, swim and walk really fast. I'm now discovering a newfound love for lace up flats (I still love you ridiculous heels!) and patience I didn't know I had.

I'll be posting more about my experiences of living with a brain tumour soon, including sharing some of the little things that kept me going during my recent hospital stay.

Staying in on New Years Eve meant I needed something comfortable to wear yet I still hankered for a bit of glitz. I've linked below my outfit of choice (the Oliver Bonas necklace was a Christmas gift).

Wishing you all a very happy 2017.