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Welcome to zimmazimmathreecoursewinner! A lifestyle blog about my life, style and being inconvenienced by a brain tumour.

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Hey, I’m Sarah Gaffney-Lang.

If you’re stopping by here, then you must’ve found your way to my blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Wanna know a bit more about me?

Thought so.

Well, I’m an ex NHS manager – and I’m super pleased that these days, I’m pursuing more creative endeavors.

I’m a writer, copywriter, and social media manager. I like self-help books and cry at adverts.

I’m happiest in the crisp-white sheets of a too-big hotel bed, watching a bit of Bloomberg.

Brain surgery changed my life, and I’m not even a bit sorry that I go on about it.

zimmazimmathreecoursewinner is where you’ll find musings on living my best, stylish, and fun-filled life

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You can also email me at sarah@zimmazimmathreecoursewinner.com

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In March 2018 I felt my blog was grown up enough to make the move to self-hosted WordPress. Unfortunately, some blog-feathers were ruffled in the process meaning that in some older posts (pre-March 2018), links may be broken. I’m (slowly) working my way through trying to fix this where possible.


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